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MoneyMasters Limited, is built on the philosophy of satisfying the financial goals of its clients while delivering excellent client service. The Team at MoneyMasters Limited is comprised of individuals with the passion, expertise and experience in investment management, securities trading, financial structuring, project financing and investment advisory services.
Providing project financing, quality investment and wealth management services are the primary goals of MoneyMasters. Our aim is to be exceptional in building and maintaining solid partnerships with holders of capital and those requiring capital. At MoneyMasters, we place our client relationships at the forefront of our business. We seek to build our client relationships on the principles of trust, partnership, a culture of innovation, development of team potential, spotting and sharing opportunities with our clients as well as superior execution

Our Vision

To be the number one investment house realizing the BIGGER financial dreams of our stakeholders.

Our Mission

To aggressively grow the resources of our stakeholders by working with our clients as trusted partners to create and execute winning solutions.

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Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

“The secret to effective money management is using your funds to buy assets that will generate more money or cashflow in the future. Identify your wants and needs, then spend wisely to purchase your needs.
Make a grocery list when going to the supermarket, prioritize when shopping and teach your children how to manage their spending, achieving your financial success requires discipline”.

Claudette Crooks
President of MoneyMasters Limited

Claudette Crooks
President of MoneyMasters Limited

Your Money Management Experts
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13 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.

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